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Composers Julia Newmann and Cody Westheimer

New West Studios, Inc. is a custom music scoring facility in West Los Angeles owned and operated by composers Cody Westheimer and Julia Newmann. Sweethearts since their USC days in the late 90s, these two versatile music makers have brought heart and soul to hundreds of projects over the past two decades.

Julia Newman garnered four ASCAP awards during her 9 year stint on the hit Fox show, "BONES," and has also worked on "MEDIUM" and "THE FINDER" alongside Emmy-Winning Composer Sean Callery. Most recently Cody and Julia have teamed up with Sean on the new CBS series, "DOUBT."

Cody Westheimer has been a force in independent cinema, documentary film/tv and nature films. He has scored over 45 features. Most recently he has begun providing epic scores for Giant Screen (IMAX) productions and has been continuous source for sports and news themes.

Nearly 3000 unique tracks comprise their “Scoring Collection” which has been in high demand for temp scores and as an alternative to typical production music libraries.


When he’s not running, riding his bike or exploring the wilderness Cody Westheimer is racking up credits as diverse as they are interesting. To date, he's amassed well over 100 hours of music for feature films, documentary series and iconic sports themes.

He is perhaps best known for his Tour de France theme on NBC. An avid cyclist, his iconic music has been airing each July since 2011. That theme made Cody a sought after force for other sports themes including Major League Soccer, The National Dog Show, The America’s Cup and NBC Swimming to name a few. His music has played side by side his hero, John Williams on “Meet the Press.”

A nature junkie, Cody was written for many nature and wildlife documentaries. Credits include “H is for Hawk: A New Chapter” (BBC/Nature) which won a NaturVision award for best score, “America’s Badlands” (Smithsonian Channel), “Midway: Edge of Tomorrow” (Tandem) and “Laws of the Lizard” (Smithsonian Channel) which recently won the coveted Helix Award for best science show. He wrote the epic orchestral score to “Journey to Space 3D” - an IMAX film that plays daily at science centers and museums worldwide. His next giant screen film “Hidden Pacific” is due out in early 2019. His riveting score to “Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil” (Asylum/A&E) helped send shivers while “Days that Shaped America” (Pilgrim/A&E) hit the more emotional heartstrings. On the narrative side “Halfway There,” a TV pilot starring Matt Lillard and Blythe Danner premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. “Doubt,” starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox aired on CBS in 2017. He scored the star studded indie comedy “Conception,” “National Lampoon’s Cattle Call” and “Detention of the Dead.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Cody plays dozens of instruments. Back in his 'gigging days' he was primarily a jazz trombonist and classical tuba player. Today he spends most of his time on the piano, shakuhachi (the Japanese bamboo flute he started studying in college) and the 5 string banjo.


A Los Angeles native, Julia Newmann graduated USC in 2003 with a degree in music composition and filmscoring. She was also selected to participate in the prestigious ASCAP film scoring workshop.

Newmann recently completed her 9th season scoring the hit Fox show, “Bones.” Credited alongside her mentor, Sean Callery, Julia won 4 ASCAP awards for her work on the series. In addition to composing the music for documentary and narrative film, she's also worked on "Medium" and "The Finder." Earlier in her career Julia served as orchestrator for composer James Newton Howard on such films as “Michael Clayton,” “The Great Debaters” and “The Waterhorse.”

In addition to her success in the Film/TV world Julia enjoys her partnership with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – based in Kenya – that saves orphaned elephants, most of whose families have been killed by poaching.

Our outreach films are vital in promoting our cause. The music we've received from New West Studios has increased their impact enormously. We're so pleased to have the opportunity to work with Cody and Julia on a regular basis.

- Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Julia Newmann is a superb and gifted composer--one can hear her love for music in each and every moment. She is also that rare breed of composer who continues to master different musical styles and genres, evolving and growing each and every time. These are the qualities of any great artist. She is the real deal.

- Sean Callery: 3 Time Emmy Award Winning Composer of BONES, 24, MEDIUM, HOMELAND

First I saw his vehicle - with the Grand Tetons in the background - synth in the back and bike on top. Then I listened to his show reel…some great tunes….really great tunes! He had even done Tour de France score…so I went to see him in LA…we cycled, we bonded. He scored Badlands for me…classic American landscape film - gorgeous, diverse with a touch of humour and western - watch the storm and firefly sequence…wow…great job Cody. That was just a starter…then on to H is for Hawk…it was always going to be tough…the edit score we used was perfect…Cody had to match it or better it…not an easy task. But Cody was up to it…he excelled and went beyond my hopes….he scored it brilliantly and used an orchestra…real musicians cant be beaten - the end result a perfect score for H is for Hawk…so remember C is for Cody…a cultured, creative musician who will never let you down.

- Mike Birkhead: Writer/Director, The Badlands, H is for Hawk

It was a true pleasure having Julia on my team. Not only is she a gifted and versatile composer, but her skills as an orchestrator are also very impressive. Her charismatic personality and her professionalism will delight those who work with her. I sincerely believe she will go far in this business.

- James Newton Howard: 7 Time Oscar Nominated Composer, The Dark Knight, King Kong, Michael Clayton

With a tight production schedule and budget, an original score wasn't an option for Snows of the Nile. But with music from the New West Scoring Collection to fit every twist and turn of our story, you can scarcely tell the difference -- our film might as well have been scored!

- Neil Losin, Day's Edge Productions

How many composers would show up to conduct their orchestral film score wearing a NASA t-shirt? From our first discussion about creating an epic-yet-accessible film score for Journey to Space, it was clear that Cody Westheimer was all in. Though we had known of each other's work for a number of years, this film was our first collaboration and certainly not our last. Cody's passion for the project as well as his renowned boundless energy, resulted in early musical sketches that were so quick and expressive that they continually kindled the post production team to complete a film worthy of its music. An even more unexpected surprise was how well Cody was able to weave Max Braverman's rock inspired layers to seamlessly support the finished score. But what was finally achieved from a score sparked by the human drive to explore space--is an accomplished and coherent work of music that simply inspires the imagination.

- Mark Krenzien: Writer/Director, Journey to Space 3D

Cody captured the unique beauty of Mono Lake as well as the ongoing efforts to protect this remarkable place, restore it to health, and educate people about its ecological and historic environmental importance. This unprecedented story needed an extraordinary composer. Cody took the time to get to know the history of Mono Lake, the spirit of the place, and the style of our organization. He captured the essence beautifully. Working with Cody was a pleasure, and we get enthusiastic responses to the music every time we show the film - his work helps us share the story in a more powerful way.

- Geoffrey McQuilkin: Executive Director: The Mono Lake Committee

The original score Cody provided for my film, How I Became an Elephant was incredible. Everything matched picture perfectly and the emotion his themes added to my story certainly helped our cause...the production quality sounded incredible.

- Tim Gorski: Writer/Director, Rattle the Cage

Cody’s Score for H is for Hawk: A New Chapter wins at NaturVision!

Our new mixing assistant is learning quickly!

What a wonderful week at IWFF LABS - Cody had a blast talking music with these talented up-and-coming filmmakers!

Julia rocking #GrandPerformances with a 50 piece orchestra performing her music from BONES, arranged by Cody!

Julia will be premiering her “BONES Orchestral Suite” orchestrated by Cody! Come join us for this memorable (and free!) event!

Julia featured in Emmy Magazine!

Julia gets her 4th ASCAP Award with the Bones music team…and one other!

Recording in Nashville at 615 Music.

Before she started on the second half of BONES, season 11, we took a few new snaps of the beautiful, talented JULIA NEWMANN!

For the last several months I’ve enjoyed doing a ton of DIY on and around my studio.

This included a new roof (which I stupidly did during a heatwave!) and new siding for the building itself. I then rebuilt the pond - adding two waterfalls - and deck, made from conservation friendly Ipe Wood.

I topped it off with a fun little (piano inspired) bench made with about $40 worth of redwood lumber.

The rocking chairs have become one of my favorite relaxation spots on the property and we look forward to drawing inspiration from here for years to come!